73 E Lake Street
Chicago IL 60601
Phone: 312-346-8457
Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-10pm
Sat & Sun 12pm-9pm

834 W. 75th Street
Willowbrook IL 60521
Phone: 630-325-4666
Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-10pm
Sat & Sun 12pm- 10pm
The one & only original "Barro" is proud to offer the most authentic Mexican cuisine in the Chicagoland area. Our old time favorites include tacos, enchiladas, chiles rellenos, homemade tamales & "charro" beans, and our mouth watering mole & ranchera sauce will leave you craving for more. There is also our grill so you can savour fresh seafood, catch of the day, grilled, baked or boiled. You can really enjoy our Mexican appetizers anytime of the day.

Dine in a Mexican classic style atmosphere and let the feeling of Mexico surround you. Enjoy a 48oz Margarita with your meal. Children's meals available upon request.



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