3209 N. Clark Street Chicago
Phone: 773-477-1920
Hours: Tues & Sat: 10 AM - 5 PM
-Wed & Thu.: 10 AM - 8PM -Fri: 10 AM - 3 PM
-Sun: 12 - 5 PM -Mon: Closed
Can replicate rooms, houses, mansions, including Santa's House into a work of art or to a well loved very playable doll house. Our store carries many rooms of miniature furniture, accessories, wall hangings, lights, wall coverings, food items, magazines, etc. We have a complete line of products to make your miniature be very lifelike and still be playable.

Think Small by Rosebud is a full-service dollhouse and miniature shop. We have a complete line of building supplies, electrical systems, lights and chandeliers, interior decorating materials, as well as furniture and accessories for children and adult collectors. Shown here are just a small sampling of some completed dream homes and dollhouses.

You can visit our huge, busy, creative workshop and it's a great way to see products in use. We provide ideas to draw from. We work from pictures, blueprints, and a bit of creative license so we can turn a real house into a dollhouse. We make custom rooms and houses and renovate or complete existing houses or kits. We provide space and assistance for customers on their own projects.

Just one block east from the Brown/Red line train station

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