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Featured Restaurants

La Fontanella
The Gamberale family manages this cozy and romantic Italian restaurant located in the Heart of Italy.
2414 S. Oakley Ave. Chicago, IL (map)

 Trattoria Roma
At Trattoria Roma, the decor is light with interesting Italian effects. On the walls are "affreschi"--a treatment that looks like broken pieces of mosaics.
1535 North Wells St. Chicago, IL 60610 (map)

La Scarola
Open for business 7 days a week for dinner, weekdays for lunch, and has been around for six wonderful years with rave reviews!
721 West Grand Ave. Chicago, IL 60654 (map)

Forno Diablo
This bar and eatery revolves around a wood-burning brick oven: We can practically taste the smoky mesquite and applewood flavors now.
433 W. Diversey Pkwy. Chicago, IL, 60614 (map)

Il Vicinato
One of most authentic Italian restaurants in Chicago's Little Tuscany. Just 15 minutes southwest of the Loop, Il Vicinato is the place to go if you want to eat like a king.
2435 S. Western Ave. Chicago, IL 60608 (map)